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A little about me...

How did I get here? I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2014 and hopped on a plane shortly after to embark on a 'post college professional experience' on the West Coast.  This 'post college professional experience' (PCPE) helped mold the collection of services I enjoy providing for large and small companies.  My PCPE in San Diego, where I took on a position as a Marketing Manager with beer and wine tour company.  I was so excited.  First job out of college. Here I was instrumental in the implementation of certifying local businesses to resell our tours.  This marketing initiative was a small feat, that I was extremely proud of at the time.  On the side, I took up a consulting position with a small non-profit benefiting wounded warriors.  The balance of the two positions was exciting.  I was able to work in an industry (food, beer and wine) as well as work in an industry that was supporting a wonderful cause. 

Fastforward one year where the constant sunshine of SoCal and the required membership for Yoga was enough.  I was transported to San Francisco, California.  Living in a gated community with my aunt and uncle and working for Walnut Creek Downtown Business Association.  I was excited to be apart of a city that seemed to be growing over night as I represented the city's social presence during all the changes.   Telefèric Barcelona was all the buzz.  They were opening their first US location outside of Spain.  Being an avid restaurant go-er... I approached them the minute they opened with the "You're new, you don't have time for social media and events... I'm your girl". We were a fast professional and working relationship immediately.  I am proud to represent such a creative and successful restaurant.

Fastforward one more year and I am back on the East Coast, where I was meant to be.  Family is here, I dragged my significant other with me, and we are now residing in Brooklyn.  As we eat our way through the city that never sleeps, I enjoy representing new clients and taking on their marketing, social media, website, and event needs.  

I look forward to working with you.  I will be your voice, your brand ambassador and your number one fan!