Social Media Manager

Let us be your brand on social media. We will create content, answer questions, respond to comments appropriately, and deal with your fans who are familiar with your brand.

Community Manager

Let us be responsible for advocating your brand on all social networks. We will create and maintain your social persona as we actively participate in the online community to connect with your current audience as well as your potential audience to advocate for your brand. Let us boost awareness for your brand. 



Social Media Manager

Social Strategy Development
Social Strategy Implementation
Goal Oriented Social Campaigns
Content Curation & Content Production
Measurement of Analytics
Reporting of Analytics
Social Ad Buying Optimization
Digital Strategy

Community Manager

Effective Social Media Monitoring
Outreach to Local Industry Influencers
Advocate On Behalf of the Brand
Social Platform Management
Analytics Reporting



$Flat rate per month
$Hourly rate per month

Please inquire.


Will I become disconnected from my brand?

Absolutely not.  We are here to get more out of your brand's social media's presence. We understand that building and maintaining a social fan base drives business forward.  .... And who knows your brand better than YOU?  Our social strategy will be tailored to your business goals and objectives.  Outsourcing your social media doesn't require you to let go, it allows you to collaborate and succeed on behalf of your business.



Why outsource social media for my business?

Your company deserves the time to focus on their service or product.  Building and maintaining a social fan base can be time consuming and daunting.  Outsourcing social media mangement is a smart company decision to save time.  Outsourcing social media gives your fans the all in attention they deserve on all platforms. Having your social platforms managed and monitored at all times keeps your brand looking attentive and well taken care of. Save money, resources, and remain relaxed as we take care of being responsive and following the latest online trends.... because to be honest, they're changing every minute.